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Growing Imaginations Philosophy

Growing Imaginations has been carefully planned as a child enrichment center. All of the equipment and each play and learning item has been chosen with much thought as to their all around play and educational value.

These activities that are selected contribute to and enhance the development level of the children. The staff promotes self-esteem and encourages active learning through direct sensory experience.  Activities are centered on a specific topic or theme geared around the interests of the group.

Our center follows a daily schedule with both structured and unstructured time. During structured time, children engage in activities designed by the teachers. During unstructured time, children may choose activities from learning centers which include but are not limited to: science, manipulatives, blocks and dramatic play.

To prepare children for future school success, each new year builds on the previous year. New friendships are formed. Discoveries are made and each child's sense of self-esteem grows stronger through the actives and relationships experienced.


Active and happy classrooms are a key to good preschool. Teachers plan and implement stimulating learning programs which keep your child challenged and constructively active. 


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