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We believe offering developmentally appropriate, center-based learning experiences poised with positive social interaction will establish a solid foundation for the success of your child and will help prepare them for the school years to come.

We offer a friendly, educational and nurturing environment for infants ages 6 weeks through 6 years old. 

Growing Imaginations encourages early learning and the development of social and cognitive skills through play, creative activities with structured and unstructured time curriculum's.

Infant & Toddlers
Ages: 6 weeks to 18 months

Infants and toddlers need to be in an environment that makes them feel safe and secure; both physically and mentally. This is important in order to achieve their maximum potential in all areas of development. Our goal is that parents and caregivers form a partnership in order to provide as much continuity as possible between home and childcare, along with developing a strong emotional connection with the children.

The children's daily schedule includes whole group instructions which promotes social development. 

Nurturing personal care, playtime and learning which promotes confidence and self-esteem. 

Written information concerning their child's activities is available to parents daily. 

+ 6 weeks to 18 months $265/weekly

+ 18 months to 24 months $260/weekly


Preschool Programs
Ages: 2-3 years
Preschool/2 years

Daily small group interaction to build skills through games, activities,  books, songs, and movement.

Free-play activities developing both small and large motor skills, social skills, sharing, co-operating, and self-development. A balance of nurturing,  playtime and learning. Outdoor play daily -weather permitting.

Preschool/3 years


The three year old curriculum is expanded developmentally appropriate and includes additional number and letter instruction.

2 year until potty trained $255/weekly

+ 2 - 3 years $250/weekly - Full Time

Limited part-time openings available - call for pricing and time slots.

Markers - Art

Give us a call:


lunch box
Child outside playing
Children in the playground
Child playing with blocks



Pre-Kindergarten Programs
Ages: 4-6 years

The Pre-Kindergarten program focuses on preparation for success in Kindergarten. Our curriculum concentrates on math, number recognition and counting. Letter recognition, letter sounds, literature, vocabulary and pre-reading skills.

Science discovery and experimentation are part of our program as well.

Music and creative arts to show their talents. Ample free play time to encourage development of social skills, free thinking, imagination, and creativity.  Developing both small and large motorr skills. Outdoor play daily - weather permitting.

+ 4 - 5 years $245/weekly

Limited part-time openings available - call for pricing and time slots.


Part-time Preschool Programs
Limited Availability.

Please call 603-673-9662 for details or use our contact form.

Tuesdays & Thursday  9:00 am - 11:30 am

Monday, Wednesday, Friday 9:00 am - 11:30 am

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